Top European Cities for Christmas


If you’re traveling to Europe for Christmas, get ready for weeks of simple yet sophisticated fun. From the infamous Christmas markets to the skiing experiences, Europe has plenty to offer for the holidays. Here are some of the best European cities for Christmas.
Vienna, Austria
There are several reasons why Vienna is an excellent travel destination for Christmas. Check out the city’s Christmas markets where you will find holiday handmade crafts, delicious sausages, fabulous dessert arrays, and sweet-smelling candles that remind you of Christmas. You will also enjoy the different choirs at the markets and in churches around town. If you eat at a restaurant in Vienna during the holiday season, try carp fried in breadcrumbs. Pot roast is also a popular holiday food in Vienna. Viennese pastries such as stollen, spiced biscuits and gingerbread will make your tummy happy.
Strasbourg, France
Paris is not the only best city in France for enjoying Christmas. Strasbourg should also be considered. The Strasbourg Cathedral is home to beautiful Christmas concerts and its’ historic charm is amazing. The boutiques in Strasbourg are often decorated with Christmas flair during the holiday season.
Hamburg, Germany
The kids will enjoy several fairy-tale ships while in Hamburg. Bakery Ships in Hamburg during Christmas. On the Bakery Ships kids ages three or older will bake treats on a ship and then they can bring them home with them. There is also the Dream Ship where the kids can play games and listen to fun audiobooks.
In conclusion, Europe is filled with a rich history and culture. These things are what make Christmas on this continent special. Many of the United States’ Christmas traditions stem from European customs so while vacationing in Europe, you connect with the past in an amazing way. Be sure to look over different itineraries from travel agencies to determine which one would work best for you and your family.